Friday, October 26, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

New steed for the stable arrived today. It's generated quite a buzz around here. Just in time for some weekend horseplay. Rumor has it the jockey's taking this beast out for a double session tomorrow. Savvy steed spotters know where to look.

Another steed in the stable means it's time to cull the heard. Watch for some local horse trading coming soon.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Family's All Ok..

So far everyone is ok and it looks like conditions are calming. Found out today that pop's house is ok. Hopefully the men and women in yellow will get the fires out soon.

The map to the left shows how close some were to all the action and how lucky we were.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Witch Way?

I've got more than a few family members with cars loaded, ready to flee the SD infernos at a moments notice. So far everyone seems safe but we don't know about Pop's house yet...may not know for a while.

I'll be keepin my ear to the phone and eye on the interwebs, hoping the 60 mph winds decide to give the fire fighters and family a break.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Taint ready yet?

Got back on the bike today. Discovered I've still got some healing to do. It's going to take some time for my perineum and my saddle to rekindle their friendship. It's not that they won't hang out but for a while it's going to be a love/hate riding/hate the bumps in the road. Maybe the smooth pavement of the track is the right Rx.

Monday, October 15, 2007

All Systems....

are go!!!

Saw the doc today for the post surgical exam. I didn't have much to report, seems like things are healing pretty well, pretty quick. Doc said the surgery was routine, did a quick exam, removed the tape and said I was done.

Here's what I learned:

  • Reinforcing mesh is a polypropelene material

  • Surgical staples are titanium corkscrews, about 1/8" long. I have 8.

  • I had hernias on both sides and both were repaired

  • Bellybuttons get glued by accident, "it's not a cult thing"

I asked specifically if I could ride my bike because at one point he said wait two weeks. Doc S responds

You can ride your bike but I wouldn't do anything CRAZY and climb Mt. Tam for your first ride.

I smiled and said 'Great, thanks doc'.

If he only knew.

Looks like the off season is about to end.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Somehow, during this whole surgery ordeal, I lost my belly button. The other day I was checking out my incission sites (they're still covered with transparent tape) and couldn't find my belly button. I got a little worried because this isn't usually a difficult task. Then, I noticed it had been glued shut! WTF?!!

At first I thought it was just splash over from the tape but it seems like too much glue. I'm pretty sure my surgeon must have some God complex and tries to make his patients Adam (or Eve). Man did he make a bad choice.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Randoms from Recovery

I've had some extra time to read, surf the web and watch the boob tube lately. Watched Monday Night Football last night for the first time in forever. Crazy game, I picked a good day to tune in.

Saw this add on CNBC yesterday...check it out if you haven't seen it yet. Made me pause.

Just finished reading Floyd's book. It was an entertaining quick read. If you've followed the case you won't learn much. There are some funny stories about Floyd's early career and some glimpses of the behind the scenes culture of pro cycling (not all flattering). The book probably won't change any minds but I found it entertaining.

This gem just came in the mail yesterday (Finally used that gift certificate...thanks Mom). It's a perfect addition to our growing bike nerd library. Chock full of great photos, stories and bios that put the the race and its history in perspective. It'll be fun to pick up and thumb through over and over.

Finally, I found this little snippet on Pez yesterday. Maybe old news for many of you but interesting anyway.

Modest American Pro team, Rock & Republic have really upped their game for 2008 by announcing a couple of big name signings in Unibet’s Victor Hugo Peña and fast Freddie Rodriguez (Predictor-Lotto). By signing the ex Lance Armsatrong domestique in Pena, the team now have someone capable of doing well in stage races, whereas Rodriguez is capable of winning anything from one day races, to short stage races and even bunch sprints and

Don't forget the debates to learn about the opposition.

Ok, back to the grind.

Friday, October 05, 2007

What else can we remove?

We're home and happy. All went as planned except that they had to give him a drug to RAISE his resting HR because at 45 bpm, it was too low for their liking. We laughed, cause 45 bpm is actually higher than normal for Mike, but cause he was nervous and all, he had a bit more pitter patter than his usual self. The hospital staff got a kick out of how low his resting HR and BP were and made several comments warning him NOT to go home and bike this afternoon.

Within 1 hour of 'coming to' Mike was requesting to get up and go pee. Apparently, once you can walk to the bathroom and pee, they let you outta da medical facilities cause all systems are a-go. I thought ya'll would appreciate these little known facts of general anesthesia.

Within 2 hours of his surgery we were sitting outdoors at Cole Coffee, sipping lattes and having scones.

And within 3 hours of the surgery we were out on a walk with the dog, with him hoping he could walk off the awful drugged feeling.

Tonight we'll be selling his Vicotin on the West Oakland streets at market rate if anyone's interested...
In the meantime, we're home, eating ice cream, watching movies, making popcorn, and thinking about what kind of pizza to order for dinner. Surgery is fun! We're thinking what 'we' could do next. Bunions? Ingrown toenails? Moles? Sign 'us' up cause we like the recovery.

The joke is that I would have to volunteer Mike for the actual surgery part. Little known Ali-fact is that I faint at practically every medical procedure and wouldn't have had Mike's 'cool-as-a-cucumber' attitude about anyof this. But I'm loving vegging around the house playing Nurse Ali.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Under the knife...

Tomorrow, about the time most of you will be sipping your morning coffee, I'll be doing this.

At least I won't be doing this!

I'm a little nervous (I had one Braveheart execution nightmare), first surgery and all but I'll be glad when it's done and I've recovered. I've been told my hernia is 'very small' but it still finds a way to make me uncomfortable on occassion. So, Doc's going in to put things back where they belong and do a little seismic retrofit. Looking forward to having the GI back on track.

Change of Seasons...

Tomorrow is officially the last day of 'this season' for me. I'll take a couple of weeks off and then it will be time for 'next season'. I tried some new things this season, made some progress in my fitness, had a few ok results (never as many as I would like) and, most importantly, had fun racing this year. For those data junkies out there here is this season in a nutshell.

Next season will see some changes for me. I'll be riding in a different kit. (Nobody told me the spots were contagious.)

Working with a different trainer (can I really trust this guy?)

Setting some new goals but still keeping an eye on the fun.