Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leaf Peeping...

Sometimes...when the conditions are just right...we get some fall color here in Berkeley.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jackass Justice

First, on an unrelated topic, I apologize for my lack of blogyness over the last...well since school started back before Labor Day weekend. I have been sucked into teacher-world and haven't posted on our blog or commented on your blogs since. But I'm back!

This afternoon, while riding San Pablo 'Dammit there's a lot of crazy traffic' Road, I almost had an encounter with one of those jackass drivers. This road has plenty of them as the map to your right is entitled, "I-80 alternative route" and displays my biking road in bright yellow.
I was making a U turn to begin an interval and as I turned, the car coming towards me revved it's engine and came flying by...basically being a total prick.

Moments later, a cop flew past me and pulled him over for speeding. I waved as I rode by.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I can ride for miles and miles...

and the last one on a Clif Bar wrapper.

While the Teach was rubbin elbows with other passionate mathies I got out for a long ride on Saturday. Started off through the rarefied neighborhoods of 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach and Carmel. I've flogged a few golf balls in my day and while I can think of a better way to spend five hours, riding between a hand manicured fairway and the crashing surf has to be pretty close to the perfect ride. After that little slice of paradise I turned inland and rode a few clicks into the Carmel Valley. When the shoulder started to shrink and the traffic began to surge I turned up and hopped over to the Salinas Valley. An hour or so through the lettuce fields and back along the beach path and I'd put in a sweet 70.

Sunday we met with two other bike bloggers and did a 55 mile spin around Gilroy. Despite some threatening weather and a couple of crazy drivers we had a wonderful ride.

After 125 miles I was dreaming of chips and beer. While we made our plan to head to some 'Fresh Mex' I managed to find a gargantuan piece of glass that sliced my rear tired to the bone (no easy feat considering I was riding tough winter tires). We managed to reinforce the tire with my empty Clif Bar wrapper and make it back for some much needed Suds and Salsa.