Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Two weeks off the bike...

is 'good for you' they say. Ya, like Brussels Sprouts.

After running every few days for the last week and a half, today finally felt OK. I've never been a big fan of running. It was my least favorite part of a Triathlon. Even though my running has improved over the last few years it never feels effortless like swimming or cycling can.

This post made me wish there was snow in the mountains during my 'bike vacation'. Skating on the snow is a lot more fun than pounding the pavement.

Oh well, only four more days and I'm back in the saddle.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Pile O'...

Neighbors had this delivered today...copycats.

Keeping up with the Jones...Berkeley Style!

Hittin' the road...

No, we're not doing another road trip. I went running for the first time in at least a year...I think. It's off season, off the bike, but I still need the endorphin fix so I strapped on the running shoes. It felt ok but I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow. A little running should be good for me right? And it'll come in handy when I need to herd the cats at soccer practice.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Choices we make

So, I've been absent from the blog-world for the last two weeks as I started a new job. After 6 years of teaching 4th and 5th grade, I decided that I needed a new challenge: teaching 7th grade math. This new job comes after a year hiatus from teaching where I 'went to the other side,' doing math reform work for UC Berkeley. After 3 days back in the classroom last week, I realized that I was a wee-bit rusty.

The funny part is that as much as I am quite excited to be teaching again, I have to continuously remind myself that returning to the classroom was a choice. I mean, if I chose to do this, why in the world am I so damn nervous every night before I go to bed.

So, in the hopes of easing these Monday night jitters, Mike and I are home with two movies and a load of take out from the Italian joint up the street.

Oh yea, and there was a bike race today. SUCH fun! We grabbed not one, but two $100 primes in the W4 race, among many other things. We 4s have never laid eyes on such cash in a race before! You Bag Boys made it clear that you don't just have the legs, but infinite race wisdom and mo-jo backing you up. Congrats on a great race. Mike and I saved you all from many furious cab drivers who tried to mow you (and us, the marshals) down on corner 4. Good lord were they feisty! But consequently, we weren't there at the finish so we missed all the finesse of the final 1/2 lap. We'd love details.