Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quiet as a Superbowl Sunday

I was a little worried as we headed out on our ride this evening. The commute traffic can be a little testy and not much fun for riding. As we climbed the hill we found the roads were quiet, almost too quiet. It was like riding on a Superbowl Sunday or Christmas morning only better. We rolled along enjoying the open roads, knowing all the East Bay liberals were glued to the TV watching the half-time show of this political Superbowl (Even the local ice cream hot spot, Ici, was empty this balmy evening.) And when we arrived home we enjoyed dinner and a terrific speech...on Tivo.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great America...One Year Later

Summer is drawing to a close and we're trying to pack in a few more adventures before Little M heads back to school. Tuesday we went to Great America for a couple of hours of amusement park. We went about this same time last year. Little M isn't normally a thrill seaker so during our previous visit the day was mostly spent on the carnival rides and the log ride. This year started out the same but then we got up the nerve to try Flight Deck.

Well, I think we've created a monster. We were barely out of the exit when she asked if we could do it again. We waited a few minutes for the cobwebs to clear and then strapped ourselves in for another whip around the lake. I should have guessed things had changed when she asked for this temporary tatoo.